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2020 Testing Results

As is the case every testing period we send off any clientele which wish to receive DEXA scans to the crew at physique science. Where they get full reports, with detailed breakdowns of bone density, body fat percentages, visceral adipose tissue (VAT), and many more.

Our clients had some fantastic individual DEXA results whether their goal was increasing lean muscle mass or lowering their body fat percentage.

On average we saw a 2.8% decrease in bodyfat percentage across all that took part in the scans and had previously had one.

Some stand outs were a 5.7% decrease for one client over a 6-month period, and another increasing their muscle mass by nearly 2.7kg.

Not just relating to weight, we also had some clients watching their bone density and VAT scores after un ideal tests previously. All of which saw varying improvements in their individual scores.

Beyond DEXA scans, we also like our team to test a variety of strength-based lifts with some conditioning tests also, with the primary three being a Squat, Bench-press and Deadlift.

To be honest with the year we had in 2020 leading up to Christmas and the large breaks in regular training forced upon people, we were not entirely sure how everyone’s numbers would go.

What we didn’t expect was such a marked improvement overall once we compiled all our data. That to us says that everyone when we got back into the swing of things trusted the process and worked there arses off consistently.

Not only that but they maintained doing something when lockdowns were in place and the gym nor weights were easily at their disposal.

Now let’s actually look at some of the results;

Bench Press, was our smallest improver but still averaging a 6.8% increase in one rep max weight across the board.

Deadlift was next up with a slightly higher increase of 7.1% in one rep max weight.

Out on top was Back Squats, with the average going up 9.8%, which is a fairly significant increase.

Out of all that we’d like to congratulate everyone on their testing results and look forward to a less broken and disrupted path to testing this year!

If your results didn’t quite look like these in 2020, they can in 2021 if you’d like to join us and follow our proven track record of increasing strength, muscle and decreasing body fat.