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Corporate Training


Why improve your employee's health?

Companies are realising that not only is the culture of their offices directly improved by healthier, happier employees but their efficiency is better. Winkfit’s corporate training aims to address these with this package.

Health is more than calories or fitness. As such, we have designed an 8 week programme that provides information on all aspects of health. Our approach is to teach self-sustainability through education.

Each week is an easily digestible one hour face to face interaction in your board room. The information is designed to be directly and immediately implementable for maximum effectiveness.

Absent coworkers create extra stress, poor health outcomes which in turn create more sick days; a vicious cycle we can break by working together.

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of the Australian workforce are sick each day
Annual number of absenteesim days per employee
0 %
Less effective when covering for absent employees
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Annual cost per employee due to absent days​

The Basics of Meditation and Mindfulness

What is meditation and mindfulness?
What are the benefits of meditation and mindfulness?
10 minute meditation session


The science of weight manipulation
The golden pyramid of fatloss
The correlation between weight loss and health


Common desk posture
Areas that require attention
Mobilising locked areas

Park Training Session

A practical fitness training session in a park close to your office


Why is sleep important?
Quality or quantity?
How to maximise your sleep

Corporate Training