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Do you give too many fuc*s?

**The following article contains course language. If you are easily offended or feel like you should have parental approval to read this, close your browser & go on with your day**

Everyone is going to have problems, that my friends is a fact of life. They don’t go away, they merely get upgraded or exchanged. If you get married, you’ll fight. Buy a house, you’ll have repairs. Start a business, don’t get me started on those problems.

The winning formula isn’t to have no problems or avoid them. That’s just dumb logic. It’s to do two things; Have the exact tools to solve problems & the second is to purposely create problems for yourself. If you do the first, you’ll find happiness. If you combine one with two, you’ll further your life and be happy.

The first statement highlights the point that happiness comes from solving problems, not avoiding them.  It’s simply a matter of what amount of pain are we willing to endure for something more than our own feelings. Taking being a parent for example, an enormous amount of pain to endure (well so my mother of 3 boys happily informs me). From childbirth to financial debt to sleepless nights. It’s endured because the adversity to these parents is bigger than chasing a feeling of ‘happiness’. If all you care about is feeling “good” or “bad” each day, the roller-coaster of life is going to be the worst ride you’ve ever taken.

Purposely creating problems sounds counter productive, right? However, solving these problems forces growth & creates a more resilient individual. For example if you lift weights, you’re going to get niggles or injuries. If you don’t, you’re still going to get niggles or injuries. Sedentary people get injured all the time. It just happens to them doing less impressive movements usually, like picking up a stapler off the floor or getting out of bed.

But at the end of the rehab process (read; solving the problem) the individual who is going back to the gym has progressed more than the person who rehabbed for survival instead of optimal performance.

If you eat healthy, you’re going to die. If you don’t, you’re still going to die. However, the person who is taking charge of their health via food is solving (health) problems before they happen. They are creating problems for themselves; what is healthy to eat, where do I buy from, I have to be prepared. Once these problems are solved, they are any number of steps ahead of the individual who gets sick, takes some antibiotics & does the bare minimum to relieve the problem. They have progressed no further.

It is by giving some of our finite fucks to undeserving concerns that we undermine our own happiness. You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. So identify what pain you’ll endure, create the problems & solve them like a bad-arse, dragging anyone you care about up to your level in the process. It is no ones responsibility to make you happy, it’s your own to create & enjoy.