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Equipment or Space?

Big Globo Gym Mantra: The more equipment we have the better our gym.

Independent Gym Mantra: Space is a premium, bare minimum equipment can produce results.

This is a very common thing to see, the larger corporate gyms stacking their floors with machines, side by side like soldiers going into battle.

Fitness First in Bondi, Sydney.

With the exception of a few machines, mostly conditioning ones like rowers and assault bikes the best thing for people to get results is (obviously an environment that they enjoy) floor space, a barbell and some bumper plates.

Director, Matt keeps a watchful eye on a client deadlifting.

The sentiment of; investment in equipment/building, can be an important one. As a small business it’s nice for members to see that their weekly fees are being partially reinvested into facilities that they have access. This however, shouldn’t be the jewel in your crown.

At WINKfit when we invest in new equipment we try to ensure it’s an efficient use of capital that is going to add value to members and we explain what and how each piece of equipment is for.

Here are the latest pieces we have added in the WINKfit gym:


The Pso-Rite is a trigger tool specifically designed for the Psoas hip flexor muscle. This muscle can be notoriously tight in desk bound individuals. While releasing a muscle won’t always cure the problem it will allow for an increase on range to improve training capacity and can also help unlock that hip complex and relieve some low back pain. A favourite (although uncomfortable) among members for their warm up tools.

Slant Boards

The slant board can be use a few ways; it can be used with the individual facing the high part of the board to stretch achilles/soleus or it can be used to raise the heels while an individual squats.

Lifting raise their heels for 3 reasons;

  1. To increase their squat depth
  2. It feels better/easier to them
  3. Keeps a more upright torso which increases demand on the quads

Push Bands 2.0

The Push Band is a real time velocity measurement tool. The sensor is attached to the bar and feeds the trainer and athlete real time movement data such as jump hieight, power output, bar speed ect.

This is particularly good for reinforcing (with data) to clients that they need to be aggressive with their bar speed or their bar speed is quite high so they have more capacity for a heavier load.

It is also a staple with our golfers who are looking to jump with a given weight as fast as they can.


The tarso-pro is an invention from our friend and physio Nathan Carloss. It is designed to increase dorsi-flexion in the ankle. The ankle joint over many years of life can tend to become more locked than we would like. Dorsi-flexion is how we interact with the ground. It affects how we walk, we need ground clearance for proper gait. It affects how we squat, this is not just in the gym but think getting in and out of chairs. The knee must be able to travel over the knees aka dorsi-flexion.

Reverse Hyper

This machine isn’t commonly found in many gyms. It does take up some floor space but it allows for decompression of the spine without enacting any vertical compression on it. Given this ability we utilise it for low back rehab exercises, and in everyday training to increase lower back endurance, strengthen hamstrings, glutes and hips. We have successfully rehabbed many low backs and some of that success is associated with this machine.

Trap Bar 2.0

If you aren’t competing, there is really zero reason not to substitute straight bar for the trapbar for deads.

Matt Winkley

To highlight in a nutshell (not an exhaustive list) why we feel the trapbar is superior;

  1. Neutral grip eliminates a split grip which has a significantly higher rate of bicep tears. This also allows for a greater upper back recruitment.
  2. No bar blocking your shins is always a plus. Less scraping and for the longer leg lifters it allows the shins a more forward lean.
  3. You get to pull from a slightly higher point and it’s generally easier for people to “get” the movement as new lifters. Both of these reasons allow more weight to be added to the bar faster allowing for an early win in the gym.
  4. If you are eagle eyed, you will notice that the trap bar 2.0 is missing an edge. This bar is still 20kg but an engineering marvel as it is still balanced and now becomes more versatile for split stance work.


Our members use each of these items throughout the year as we programme them in. They are also exposed to this level of knowledge and explanation each time we programme or buy a new piece of equipment. If you would like to take your gym programming and knowledge to the next level, think about taking us up on a free week trial to experience a gym you’ll enjoy.