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Find your work-around

We play frisbee on the last Thursday of the month. We have done for the past 3 years.

Chrissie against the boys doesn’t light the frisbee field on fire. She’s a mother of 3, mid 40’s, never been a huge runner & until starting with me 7 years ago had done very little to maintain athletic ability. What I love about Chrissie is she’s always happy to be involved & wants to have a go.

So at this point in time, there are a couple of things Chris & I are working on. One of them is better stress management & secondly we are rehabbing a hamstring tendon issue. Chris isn’t permitted to run. So last night she proposed an idea to me that I hadn’t thought of; she would still play but instead of being on one team she would play for both teams, as a stationary goal scorer worth 2 points.

Brilliant. She found a way.

Chris could have quite easily hid behind the vale of her physio’s recommendations of no running & had a sleep in. (If you didn’t know we start play at 5:30am.)

However, Chris realises she’ll get significant benefits by finding a way.

  • Maintain the routine
    She has a routine & breaking that can do more damage than good.
  • Fresh Air
    This can play a huge difference in improving negative emotions. Stanford Uni published a paper on this not long ago. Admittedly they studied people who walked in the park but I’d wager the results are similar.
  • Socialisation
    Being a part of the group that enjoys a laugh, doesn’t take themselves too seriously & includes everyone goes a long way to managing feelings of stress & anxiety.

This doesn’t just apply to Chris though. There is always something you can do to move, train, be active every day. Busted arm, train the good one or legs. Bad back, no weight bearing – hit the pool. Feeling sluggish & heavy, add some more mobility work. There is always a work around, if you cant find it yourself. I’d be more than happy to help you.