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How can Ronda Rousey help with your fitness goals?

If you follow me on Instagram (@winkfitgym) you’ll know that I don’t don’t have any MMA fighters in my stable but I absolutely believe I can always learn something from everyone & every sport. Hence why I’ve just finished a book by Martin Rooney about their mentalities & training styles.

Martin explains that fighters rely on 3 attributes that are harder to train than muscle or bone. I couldn’t help but draw similarities between successful fighters like McGregor & Rousey & healthy people who are constantly hitting physical, nutritional or mental goals.

1. Courage;

Before you can be successful at anything you must first have the courage to start. In an MMA sense it’s to get into a sport/cage with someone who literally wants to damage your brain. In a health sense it’s to finally get sick of your own bullshi* & make the changes required to be less sick, be more productive or provide a good example for your kids. It’s one thing to tell everyone you are doing this or that but another to develop the grit to actually see it past day 2.

2. Discipline;

“Once you have decided to begin, only consistent action will allow you to accomplish anything.” – Martin Rooney

In an MMA sense Martin explains that the black belt often sits on the waist of the person with the greatest discipline rather than the most talented athlete. In a health sense, the sustainable results very rarely reside with those who yo-yo between 8 week challenges & lemon detox diets but with those who make small changes, stacking little wins for motivation & are disciplined enough to make the tough choices.

3. Patience;

Most people know what they want. The ability to delay gratification to push through the plateaus & battles along the way is often the limiting factor. Take solace in the fact that time is on your side. If it took you 10 years to put on 20 kilos & you can lose all 20 (& keep it off) in 5 years. That’s a net win. You’ll get those 5 years back at the end of your life with either extra years or better quality of years.

In MMA, each fighter must adopt weapons of both offensive & defence from a multitude of sports to be effective. In heath we must do the same, there is no “right way” to eat or exercise. Everyone is individual & therefore requires an individual approach. Listen to everyone, believe no one. Try everything.