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Is your shadow casting what you want?

Standing in the door of my gym just last week, I noticed my shadow. Nothing particularly special about it but it made me think in two particular lines of thought. Am I the shape I want to be (the literal shadow) and secondly I questioned if what I think I project is what others see, does the shadow my actions create represent what I’m about?

Your shadow may be strong or weak, it may be in business, parenting or training but it always exists. 

The role of the leader, at work, at home, or even the gym requires modelling the desired behavior and letting others see the desired values in action. To become effective leaders, we must become aware of our shadows and then learn our actions & message must match.

At this stage in my life I don’t have kids so I wouldn’t attempt to lecture parents but I’ve coached kids, babysat kids & read about parenting. This makes total sense;

“Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.”  —James Baldwin

While kids isn’t my forte I am in business & I do train in the gym. In both of these aspects, the culture starts with me. In the business aspect, as a leader or owner are you facilitating growth for each of your staff and a culture that promotes independence & lateral thinking? 

While in the gym aspect, I train because I respect my body, I enjoy it & I know its good for me. I also need to train to show current & potential clients that I walk the talk & that talk is based upon solid effective science. Perhaps the most overlooked reason why I train (Snapchat, blog, live Facebook as well) is to inspire others to do the same, to pull them up to the level of maximising their life & it starts with having your health. I challenge you to be the person in the gym (& life) that people aspire to train like, I challenge you to be the person that brings the atmosphere & drags people kicking & screaming if you have to, to your level. They will thank you for it later. 

Is the shadow you are casting one of positivity, improvement and desire? Are you bring people up to your level to make you, them and your environment better? Or is it one of negativity & blame that is dragging people down with you to the depth of the hell that is mediocrity?

Also, while we are here if your literal shadow isn’t casting what you want it to, I know a bloke 🙂

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