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Life; a game like quality.

Podcasts have allowed for an incredible exchange of knowledge from anywhere in the world to anyone in the world. This is undeniable.

I feel privileged to be able to learn from people who I would other wise never (loosely) interact with. On any given week I will get through 2-5 podcasts & this week I had the ever recognisable voice of Kevin Hart in my ears.

Hart was a passenger in a convertible he bought himself as a 40th birthday present. He suffered 3 spinal fractures from T10-L1. T (Thoracic) 10, 11 & 12 nerves innovate the abdominals while L (Lumbar) 1 innovates the legs. He has a spinal fusion with 8 screws for stability now.

I’m hoping that whoever is reading this doesn’t require a serious car accident to realise the point I’m making using Kevin’s words.

Kevin recounted:

“The doctor looked me in the eyes and said, ‘You’re lucky to be walking, if your core wasn’t in the shape that it was and if you didn’t have the strength to take whatever that impact was and stay — you would’ve been snapped. You would never be walking again.”

You just never know if you are going to need the qualities that you’re working on but it’s undeniably better to have access to them and not need them as opposed to needing them and not having them.

The effect from the gym work you do is mostly unquantifiable; it could be the difference between walking after a spinal accident, allowing you to get up and down off the ground with your kids. Maybe it’s the extra bit of speed you need to catch your kid before they ride into oncoming traffic or perhaps it’s living long enough so that you get to experience your grandkids.

You just never know, what’s happening to you tomorrow.

Kevin continued;

“So when those people say, what are you working out for? What are you getting in shape for? You don’t know when you’re going to need to f***ing tap into all the little work that you’ve done. You don’t know. You don’t know if you’ll ever need it, but to just know that you’ve taken care of yourself, to know that you’ve given yourself a chance to f***ing not only survive, but perform.”

“Thank God for my trainer who jumped into my life at a certain time and changed my way of thinking.”

Just because you are going to a gym doesn’t mean you have to be a fitness junkie, as I tell all of my clients, friends, family –

Doing enough to keep up is better than having to play catch up.

Hart goes on to talk about how life to him has a real game like quality. Each challenge is just another level he has to pass to unlock the next character, weapon or capability. Viewing your gym like this will allow you to continue to better yourself day in day out, simply concentrating on improving your own characters powers.

If this has wet your taste buds for a deeper dive into the conversation here is the full 3 hour podcast