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group training in fitness gym space

I find it to be a weird term, life coach. I understand there are coaches for everything else, so it makes sense. There is literally a million and 1 ways to have a “good”, “successful” or “perfect” life, I’m not sure anyone has it down to an art form. However, this article only came about because for the second time in a short period I was called something that is not on my business card, Life Coach & Philosopher. (To be fair, I get called a lot of things every week mostly when I give people the Assault bike but that’s a different article haha)

I don’t really consider myself to be either of those professions.  I certainly don’t have a perfect life figured out; I make mistakes & figure it out on the fly like everyone else. The philosopher comment, well that’s mostly because I can regurgitate from the smart people who write the books I read. As a PT whether you like it or not, spending 2-3 hours a week in a confined space with someone means you are going to learn about them & their lives. Inevitably you’ll be ask your opinion on some topics.

One of my newest clients, who happens to be a reasonably high level athlete came into the gym, sick & anxiety ridden. Not ideal for anyone; let alone an early 20’s female. Despite some resistance I vetoed the gym session & we went to get a coffee instead. While I actually believe just chewing the fat would have had an advantageous affect on this client, we did some planning. I explained why we weren’t training, how the next period of her training will look like & I offered some advice around a few life things.

I’m now back in the gym, when I get this text;

Fast-forward a week, in this time I’ve made a few training tweaks but mostly changes to mental approaches & I get a second text;

I’m not sure if a 28 year old really has the necessary life experience to be a “life coach” (granted over a few others I perhaps have a few extra notches under my belt like starting a company solo, staring death in the face & traveling to 29 countries) but what I do know is that as a strength & conditioning coach or even a leader when you know your WHY, that’s the difference.

Being authentic means I already know charging a client or making them do gym when that wasn’t the best option wasn’t the choice to make. There are many ways to motivate people. You can be the leader but that’s not the same as leading. Leading is not just great operational ability but the ability to earn their trust by demonstrating you share the same values. When your WHY is clear, your authenticity has people believe what you believe, then and only then a loyal relationship is created. That is what a successful relationship & business is built upon.