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Our Gym


The space we use for our gym is different. Gyms for many people can be intimidating & from the outside ours is no different but once inside it’s very different to large scale gyms. Since day 1, I have worked to make sure (& I continue to teach my interns) that when people come through our doors, we know their names. They aren’t just numbers to us, they are hard working people who are trusting us with their health & giving us their hard earned money. That shouldn’t be taken lightly. Very few people want to be yelled at like army recruits so our job is to find the perfect balance of fun & enjoyment while making each individual more athletic & achieving results that they want not what we enforce upon them as the “gold standard”. I truely believe we do this, with smiles on our faces.

– Matt Winkley – Owner


Since opening our doors in 2008, we have gathered a wealth of experience from injury prevention, to overcoming training based anxiety and everything in between. All things that ensure we can give you a sustainable approach to tangible results.


The key to a good coach is the ability to understand the individual and apply the best approach for them personally. We understand, the general public don't enjoy being yelled at like an army bootcamp, nor do they like an environment that isn't enjoyable.


This is our full time career, not a side hustle or stepping stone to an unrelated job. In this industry, your reputation is everything and we are motivated everyday to ensure we look after the people before the profits.

Our Trainer Team

matt winkley in winkfit shirt
Owner & Head trainer

Matt Winkley

Matt is the founder and head trainer of WINKfit. He defines what he does with health and fitness as the combination of science and the soft skills of coaching to transform habits, bodies and improve quality of life.

Given this, Matt has spent considerable time studying. He holds a Diploma in Fitness and a Degree in Exercise and Movement Science from QUT. Matt is Australian Strength and Conditioning Association qualified.

Outside of his client training schedule Matt is an avid reader of anything that causes him to question what he believes he knows. With a diverse sporting background he naturally gravitated to working with sporting teams. His resume includes; Queensland Reds, Brisbane City (NRC), GPS Rugby Union Club, China PGA, Golf Queensland, Australian PGA, PGA Tour of America and Queensland Development Netball. He has previously worked with a number of prestigious private schools in Brisbane and England and has trained NCAA (American Colleges) athletes.

Matt prides himself on his innovative approach to first master whats inside the box and then experiment outside it. He spends time weekly with physios and Dr’s questioning, learning and adding tools to his arsenal. All valuable for when you book in with him.

nick maudsly in winkfit shirt
Manager, trainer & Nutritionist

Nick Maudsley

Nick holds a degree in Exercise and Human Movement Science, is an Accredited ASCA Strength & Conditioning coach, and has his ASN/ISSN Sports Nutritionist Accreditation.

Nick has spent the last 4 years focusing his coaching around general strength and conditioning, injury prevention, and athlete population physical preparation/S&C. His work with clients in this time has exposed him to Golf, Rugby, Netball, BMX and Water Polo. With a background in Rugby and Powerlifting, Nick leans heavily to the strength component of training. With his-own training revolving a lot around those two sports.