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Semi Private Group Sessions

Why Semi Private?

Semi private training is the best of both worlds. For you the gym goer it provides all the benefits that come with having training partners (and there are plenty). While simultaneously cutting the cost of training significantly without drastically cutting your face to face time with your trainer.

With group sizes kept low, we’ve given ability for the trainer to correct form ensuring minimal risk of injury, explain exercises in depth and programme partner based finishers are all top priority. If you haven’t tried this style of training before, there is a reason it’s fast becoming the most popular training choice.


Strongman has been a staple of our gym since 2008. This session is a mix of awkward implements that challenge your core and body with movements not normally experienced with the symmetrical loading of a barbell. Sessions include objects like; tyres, kegs full of water, sleds, heavy carries, and a team atmosphere.

Strength and Conditioning

Strength and conditioning sessions focus primarily on providing the foundation for increasing overall athletic ability by including in each session mobility, strength, and conditioning.


Conditioning sessions are specifically designed to push your cardiovascular boundaries and comfort zone. These are regularly the toughest sessions of the week and contain only conditioning and secondary muscular endurance strength work.


Our mobility session is designed with those in mind who sit at a desk more often that not. It is a low intensity, recovery session that often doubles as a pre-hab, preventing injuries. Everyone knows they are losing mobility as they age and this designated session allows them to counteract that.


This strength session is free of conditioning and based upon building muscle and improving your aesthetics. The session targets muscle groups often not given priority during the major, compound lifts throughout the week. With plenty of volume, the weight can be decreased making it a perfect session for novice lifters and or experienced ones.