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Stay in your lane 2.0

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What your getting yourself into:

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Take Away Point: Your money is important, spend it on people who apply science, research & individualised health programmes.

Following on from my previous blog post calling out nurses who try to turn people away from activity, comes this post. Now if you follow sports you know who Tom Brady is. You may not know he has just released his first book:

I normally wouldn’t have an issue with this. Tell us about your home life, about your childhood & what it’s like to sign cheques with more zeros than we’ve had dates. What I can’t get behind is high profile athletes or Instagram models pushing psudo-science in a money grabbing heist.

“Mr. Guerrero’s (Brady’s trainer) theory that for good health and prolonged athletic performance, we need our muscles to be “pliable.” Pliable muscles, which are not the same as flexible muscles, are “soft” and not “dense,” he and Mr. Brady assert. Dense, stiff muscles are easily injured, according to the book, because they are not resilient and can tear during physical activity. On the other hand, soft, pliable muscles absorb the stresses and impacts that occur during daily life and sports, Mr. Brady writes, as when, for instance, a 300-pound lineman slams into your side.

Most of us are not pliable, he tells us, and our workouts are not helping. Standard weight training and conditioning exercises, such as running and sprints, tighten and harden our muscles, he writes, opening us to injury. Instead, we should do less weight training or conditioning and more of… something else. It involves “targeted, deep-force muscle work,” Mr. Brady writes. “Think of a deep, rigorous massage, but much more focused, and in my case using complex techniques based on an understanding of the biomechanics of what it takes for me to throw a football and function at peak levels as an athlete who accelerates, decelerates, runs, cuts, and more, as well as the daily acts of living that complement my off-field life.”                          – NY Times, 20 Sept 2017

Brady references using hi tech, vibrating rollers (available to purchase from his website $150USD), following his nutritional habits (available from his website $200USD) and using resistance bands (available from his website $160USD)

There are 2 problems I have with Brady & Guerrero. The first being that the science doesn’t back up their claims of muscle pliability, in fact they don’t even try to reference any science PERIOD.  That’s probably because there is only one article on all of PubMed referencing muscle pliability but it’s related to embalming techniques.

The second issue I have is, Mr. Guerrero, a self-taught exercise guru, has twice been investigated by the Federal Trade Commission for making unsubstantiated health claims about products he developed, including a nutritional supplement that supposedly protected athletes against concussions.

Now there is a genuine chance Brady wants to help people with his information, while I see the scales tilted more towards making cash, I could be wrong. On the other hand Instagram model Steph Claire Smith (Melbourne Girl with 1.2M followers) I think genuinely wants to help people. I’ve followed her for years now & there are a number of great things she does that I admire. She has a great approach to food, it’s not too restrictive or too far at either end of the spectrum. She is active every day. She’s speaks out against insane photo shopping of her photos & genuinely pushes young girls away from linking their self worth with their body image. Kudos to you SCS.

However, her latest venture is not one that falls under the admiration category. She’s teamed up with Boost Juice (and her best friend Laura Henshaw) to provide (for a fee) nutritional programmes, exercise workouts, yoga & meditation.

My issue doesn’t come from Steph & Laura being able to give advice to whoever wants to listen, if you think doing the exact workout out an already famous model does will get you onto the Victoria’s Secret runway in 8 weeks. That’s your prerogative. My issue is these girls are now charging for unqualified information. (Note; I read their entire T&C’s and they indemnify themselves highlighting you need to talk to a health professional before doing anything they recommend.)

Before you part with your hard earned money, please remember the girls with the bodies you would like to emulate or the life you would like to carbon copy aren’t nutritionists, doctors or trainers. Steph is a model & Laura is a law student. However, both are also undeniably businesswomen.

How they can make claims like this is beyond me:

You can have the best programme in the world on the whiteboard but if your athletes/clients don’t believe in it, it’s not worth the whiteboard marker it’s written in. Having the world number 1’s programme won’t make you the best in the world. Individualisation is critical because we all operate differently. Being a physical coach is all I’ve ever done. I pour my heart & soul into it. I won’t ever dilute my brand by selling magical products so I can make a dollar from you. I’m in it to change the game & take the industry back from the psudo-science posers & pure businessmen.

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