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Why your attitude will make you weak

Attitude is everything. It was something I was not only taught early in my life by my parents but also early in my coaching life by my mentor.

He said;

“You can write the best programme in the world, but if your athletes don’t believe in it, it’s useless. I can show you crappy programmes that shouldn’t work but do, because those doing them apply themselves & believe”

There is a distinct number of groups you’ll see in my gym;

The Entitled – Individuals who roll in late be it 5 or 10 minutes that think that turning up is the battle. Turning up will gain them strength & a physique they desire. While it’s a start without application you probably would have had more benefit from a sleep in.

The HA’s – 

They half arse their tissue quality work, they check their phones every 5 minutes, they always under lift what they should & they negatively influence others in the gym. One of two things inevitably happens; they change their attitude or they leave.

The Weapons –

The independant trainers. A person who shows the highest amount of anti-fragility. They are on time, no free bars – they do mobility until there is a free one. They train with so much energy & enthusiasm that others around them are forced to absorb the vivacity.

The way I see it, everyone falls under one of these two categories; Elite or General Pop. If you get paid for your body, you’re elite. If you gym to be healthy & look better naked, you’re General Pop.

Then there are the 3 categories of attitude;

Time – 

The elite – You guys don’t have time to waste. If you’re 15, there is a 14 year old working harder. If you’re 30, someone 31 is doing an extra pre-hab session. For every hour you squander someone else is working harder to take your big pay cheque.

The General Pop – Your time is arguably even more rare. For every hour in the gym you don’t apply & maximise is a step closer to the next time, work or the kids or sickness or travel stops you getting there completely.

Effort –

The elite – This is essentially a continuation from time. Once you have made the time you need to maximise it. Outwork anyone else who wants your spot, your jersey or your dream. Drag anyone else in the gym to your level, make them a better version of themselves, it benefits no one if you descend to theirs.

The General Pop – This is where you have to outwork the elite. You most likely don’t have the natural talent or blessed genetics. Effort is your ace up the sleeve. The harder you work, the better the version of you you’ll uncover.

Mentality – 

The elite – You’re dream is to battle & defeat some of the best athletes in the world in their given sport. You can’t expect to do that if you can’t beat your own negativity in the gym. If you make it to the top, you’ll be a role model for many. However, never underestimate how many you are a role model for now.

The General Pop – I always say that the mental attitude you have in the gym will transfer to your life. If you cut corners on sets & flake on your standards in the gym you’ll do it outside. This is the area where you can make the best advances. Work on anti-fragility, let very little phase you. Find a solution to any conundrum. Work smart, explore what is your MED (Minimum Effective Dose) you don’t get paid to train so if you can get the same results in 3 sessions instead of 4. You shouldn’t be doing 4.

Go forth & apply yourselves 🙂