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Without brakes, your sports car is useless.

The fact that you can move with extreme quickness or power is a cool thing to exert. I mean if you own a Ferrari, you can’t keep it in 3rd gear, right? However, there are always consequences for driving fast.

The issue is with high end sports cars is they require regular servicing & top end fuel to ensure optimal output & untainted performance. All the parts are shipped from a European country and installed by a licensed technician with an extensive knowledge of their working pieces, all for a hefty price of course. 

Realistically this is no different to athletes or gym goers producing top end forces. Long seasons, accumulation of niggles, getting older, any number of factors inhibit optimal output. If we think of the parts as strength & conditioning tools (nutrition, recovery, gym ect) & the licensed technician as the trainer, we’re basically there.

If you are a Ferrari or you coach some, the more force you create the more absorption that is required. Get this balance wrong & you end up shattering a gear box (Lower back injury), melting brake pads (stress fractures) or blowing a tyre (hamstring tear).

Ferrari won’t let you drive out of the car park with a car that can do 400kmph but brakes that only stop 300kmph speeds, neither will the human body. From bench pressing to vertical jumping. If you’ve ever had or heard of someone with a tendinopathy injury this is likely why. They haven’t had enough eccentric strength to absorb their landings/decelerations. The more I get my clients to increase their deceleration the better their lifts become.

What you can do about it;

  • The ability to control your mobility throughout the entire range is key. Train with full range of motion emphasising good control of the weight. Gym Application: Put the ego in the back pocket, regress to less weight & make sure you can control all the way for your squats.
  • Add in eccentric loading training to your programme. Gradually increase the volume to ensure you remain injury free. Gym Application: Nordics
  • Monitor loads, particularly in unilateral (one sided) sports. Gym Application: With my golfers, on heavy hitting weeks loading them in that same pattern in the gym as their swing is asking for trouble. We’ll train the non swing side for cross over effect or we do anti-rotation work instead.

If you are driving a Suzuki swift & need an upgrade. Flick me a message on any one of our social media platforms or email & we can get you in the team garage.